Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 16, 2013 - Show and Tell

Although we're a modern quilt guild, our quilters dabble in all types of quilting.  One of our goals is to dedicate more meeting time to 'show and tell'.  This meeting did not disappoint!  Our visitors even brought things to show us.  They'll be a great addition to our guild!

First up, an art quilt by Royce.  Look at it closely to see all the textures and embellishments that she's added to this panel that she fell in love with.

Take your Dramamine before looking at this black and white quilt that Royce made - there's a lot of motion in this modern quilt!  Most of it is cropped out, but the red binding is the perfect final touch!

Check out the quilting on this thing.  Royce wanted to hone her quilting skills.

Say good-bye to microwave messes and burnt fingers!  Stefanie shared these nifty microwave bowl pad thingies.  Brilliant!  Here's a tutorial.

Here's what Stefanie did with her Summer House fabric collection by Moda.

Here's another quilt by Stefanie.  She used the Hometown by Sweetwater fabric collection.  She participated in the Synchronized Square Quilt Along.

This cute custom label was on Stefanie's quilts.  You can contact her here if you want to find out how she made them.  If you're techy, you could design your own and have them printed on fabric at Spoonflower.

Nancy, a visitor, shared this fun baby quilt with us.  We all agreed that the black triangles were a great addition to her composition.

Nancy is also working on this amazing 'freestyle' quilt.  She even 'freestyled' the words.  We're not worthy!

Here's a modern-looking quilt done by Lindsay, another visitor.  You've got to zoom in to take a look at her quilting.  It was her first time and she told us that she turned the quilt every time she stitched in a new direction.  Now that's dedication!

Lindsay created this block pattern, which she calls a bracket block.

Here are some more bracket blocks.  This was a group effort.

Veronica, another visitor, made this cute tear drop bag.  We were all surprised to discover that this is the smaller version of the bag.

Veronica got a lot of mileage out of her Joel Dewberry fabrics when she was able to make some mini bags to compliment her tear drop bag.  She was even wearing a coordinating scarf.

Here's a cute wall hanging shared by Anita, another visitor.

This is a labor of love by Anita.  Look at all that hand stitching.  Magnificent!

Here's Anita showing off a bunny wall hanging that her mom made for her.  Look Anita's mom, your work is on the internet!
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