Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 2016 Meeting Recap

Music City Modern Quilt Guild
Meeting Recap
April 16, 2016

The charity quilt was returned to us.  Great work and THANK YOU to all the people who worked on this quilt!  We discussed options for donating the quilt.  One option is to donate it to a specific organization.  The other option mentioned was to raffle the quilt and donate the money to an organization.  No decision was made.  We will continue discussions next month.

The weekend of June 11-12, the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild is traveling to Nashville for a shop hop.  We are trying to organize a meet up with them at some point during their visit.  Ashley will provide more details at a later time.

Michelle Wilkie will be teaching her Modern Block Design class to us on July 23.  Please note that this is a separate time from our normal monthly meeting.  There are only 20 spots available for the class.  Ashley will send the sign up email on May 1st.  The sign up will be first come, first serve.  This is for members only.

May Meeting – Open Sew

Show and Tell

After Show and Tell, Ashely taught us how to make zipper pouches.  Thank you Ashely and thank you to the helpers who assisted us newbies.  Take a look at a few of the pouches we made today!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Meeting Recap

Last month Marcia Reel showed us how to do the quilt as you go method.  However, before that we had some show and tell!

There was a lot of catching up to do since we were in Paris in February!

Then Marcia taught us how quilt as we go, and quilt as we go, we did!

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 16 Meeting Reminder

This month we will be having a zipper pouch tutorial by me, Ashley Gomez!

If you'd like to pre cut your fabrics before the meeting, this will save a lot of time.  I'll be teaching you a really simple zipper pouch tutorial to make a basic zipper pouch. You can use the skills you'll learn here to make a variety of sized pouches for all sorts of needs.  I'll show you how to make a regular zipper pouch as well as a flat bottomed, "boxy" zipper pouch.  I'll be using the piece I made with Marcia's QAYG class in March to make my zipper pouch, if you'd like to do this as well, feel free!  If you're going to make both zipper pouches, please double your materials list!

Also, don't forget to bring some show and tell if you have something you'd like to share!

Materials list:

A zipper (Two if you want to make the two types I'll be showing you) - I'll be using a 10 inch zipper, feel free to use what size zipper you'd like your pouch to be

Outside fabric - Since my zipper is 10 inches, my fabric will be 12 x 6 inches.

Inside fabric - the same size as my outside fabric

Tab pieces - two pieces of fabric measuring 2 x 1 inches, one set for each pouch.

Scrap batting, fleece, etc - this gives your pouch a little body, feel free to use whatever type of interfacing you prefer.


Sewing machine, zipper foot, quarter inch foot, seam ripper, (thread!) and scissors, fabric and non fabric.

A pointed flip tool - something like a chopstick, a "that purple thang", a pencil, just something to help you poke out corners.

*Optional* some ribbon for a tab, dongle, key chain spot.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 19 Meeting Reminder

This month we're having a Quilt as You Go tutorial being lead by member Marcia Reel. Here's what Marcia has explained thus far:

 Preparation for March: pictured below is an example of a pillow panel we will be doing utilizing a very simple "quilt as you go" method. Choose the size pillow you want to make, and bring a piece of batting (cotton works great) cut about an inch or two bigger on each side. I will be doing a 16" square, so my batting will be 18". I will bring lots of colorful scraps you can utilize for your pillow or you can bring your own. If you would like to completely finish your pillow at the meeting, bring a piece of fabric cut the size of your pillow and an invisible zipper at least the width of your pillow. I can show you how to insert. Make sure you throw in your zipper foot! Can't wait to see what all you creative people make!

You'll need your sewing machine, scrap fabric, batting about 2 inches bigger than you want your pillow to finish, if you're going to finish your pillow off also bring a zipper (as noted, the width of your pillow) and your zipper foot, as well as a piece of fabric cut to the size of your pillow.

 I know I'm excited to learn this method! Thank you Marcia for volunteering to teach all of us! Look forward to seeing everyone this month!

ALSO!  Don't forget to bring some show and tell if you've got it! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paris Landing Retreat Recap

This month our guild went on our first sewing retreat!  I'd be lying if I didn't say that we were all very excited for a weekend away to just sew to our heart's delight!

We all took different travels from around Middle Tennessee and ended up in Paris, TN on Friday afternoon, and a lot of us just dove right in and started setting up and getting out sew on!  A lot of us stayed up and sewed well into the night!  I was personally tickled that everyone made my birthday special for me, thanks ladies! <3

Saturday everyone was back at it!  There were tons of projects going on, from binding quilts, to a LOT of Elizabeth Hartman patterns, to quilting and piecing, every step of a project was in full swing!  We all had a great time listening to some sew jams and drinking some sew juice (aka a variety of adult beverages) and really took advantage of a weekend with no pending errands, no family interruptions and all the free time you could want!  We also had really nice weather, so some of us took a little walk around the park, too.

Sunday we were all leaving, but that didn't mean there wasn't any sewing.  We all wrapped up a variety of sewing projects, winded down the weekend and all headed back to our homes.  Everyone was so wrapped up in our projects we didn't get a group picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, but I think we all had a great time anyway!  Hopefully we can make this an annual event!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2016 Meeting Reminder

Good morning!

I wanted to make a quick reminder that this month there will NOT be a regular meeting at our regular meeting space!  In lieu of our regular meeting, we're having a retreat in Paris Landing!  Just a reminder, if you haven't already paid your invoice for the retreat, you have just under 2 weeks to take care of that.

The next time we will be meeting up at First Presbyterian will be March 19!  In March we'll be having the first part of a two part, two meeting project!  In March, Marcia Reel will be showing us the quilt as you go method.  Then in April we'll be using those quilt as you go pieces to make a zipper pouch!  We'll have a list of what to bring out before both meetings.

Ashley Gomez

Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 16 2016 Meeting

Happy New Year everyone!

A new year means new meetings!  Get ready for our January meeting on Saturday the 16th at 10am.  We're having an open sew, so feel free to bring anything you'd like to have a few hours to work on.  However, we'd like to encourage everyone who hasn't already made one to make a quilted name tag.  Here is a blog post with a tutorial by member Jayne Willis on how to make a Polaroid Block, which is popular for these "teeny tiny quilts."  As our guild grows and grows, it'll help everyone remember every member's name.  It's tricky if you only see each other maybe once a month!  We're also hosting a "yard sale" so if you have any sewy items that you feel like it's time to part ways with, feel free to bring them along.

A new year also means...membership dues!  If you haven't already, please click here to head over to the membership tab and scroll down to the bottom until you see the "Buy Now" button.  There you'll be directed to PayPal where you can pay your dues, OR if you'd like you can bring a check to this month's meeting.

What to Bring
  • Sewing machine, notions, etc & project
  • Show and Tell - Anything you've finished and want to share!
  • Extension cord/ Power strip (Just in case, you may be able to share with someone else)
  • Extra sewy items for the yard sale!
  • A happy attitude :)
We hope to see you!