Thursday, July 14, 2016

Music City Modern Quilt Guild
Meeting Recap
May and June Meeting - 2016

The May meeting was an open sew.  We also had show and tell.  Below are pictures from the May show and tell.

June was our charity sew month and in light of the recent event in Orlando we decided to switch our charity sew focus from pillow cases to heart blocks.  The Orlando MQG organized this charity sewing collaboration and asked for quilters across the USA to send in heart blocks.  Check out #quiltsforpulse on Instagram to see all the wonderful blocks and quilts that were made for the victims and victims' families.  

In addition to the heart blocks made during the meeting, guild members also made heart blocks from home.  Most of our blocks were sent to Melinda Ringer who offered to assemble all the blocks into tops.  Thank you Melinda!

Below are pictures from the June Show and Tell

Friday, July 8, 2016

July Meeting Reminder

Members!  Check your emails for information about this month's meeting, which will be our shop hop!  You'll get an email next week with more information, including locations, where to meet, etc.

If you're interested in joining our guild, we have our prorated guild fees link available on our Membership Tab!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June 18th Meeting Update

We have been planning on making pillowcases for Ronald McDonald house, however in the wake of this past weekend's events in Orlando, it seems a large number of the guild agrees that making heart blocks for the Orlando MQG's drive is taking precedence.  If you are unaware of this, here is the Orlando guild's blog post addressing their request.  I've got some instructions printed out for the construction of these blocks, as we'll be making the 10" versions.  The Orlando guild has asked for hearts of any color with a low volume background.  Here is a link to directions on how to make these blocks in case you want to make some on your own.  We have plenty of "heart" fabric in our guild's fabrics, however we don't have much in the way of low volumes.  If you'd like to participate in this little block drive this Saturday, please plan on bringing a low volume/ off white/ white fabric to use for the background.  Also, if you happened to want to bring some of your own fabric to use for hearts feel free. 

We'll still have some show and tell, some giveaways, as well as some "not sewing" jobs.  I know I cannot personally bring my machine this week because I don't have the room. However I'll bring my iron and ironing boards (standard and mini) as well as a cutting mat.  I'll put a sign up poll on the facebook group for any other things we'll need. (another iron, cutting mats, etc)

I can collect these blocks as well as Melinda, and we'll get them shipped off to Orlando.  If you can't make it to the meeting leave a comment and we can coordinate how to collect blocks.

Friday, June 10, 2016

June 18th Meeting Reminder!

This month we'll be doing our community service sew, and we'll be making pillow cases!

We'll have a demo of how to make these pillow cases, which are simple, fun and come together fast!

Here is a tutorial if you want to look ahead on how to do this project.

There will be a few "spots" available; sewing, cutting and pressing.  There will also be a few giveaways!  If you want to "destash" something small to add to the giveaway pile, feel free!

We'll also have a quick show and tell, but we'll want to dive into sewing as quickly as possible.

See everyone Saturday!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April 2016 Meeting Recap

Music City Modern Quilt Guild
Meeting Recap
April 16, 2016

The charity quilt was returned to us.  Great work and THANK YOU to all the people who worked on this quilt!  We discussed options for donating the quilt.  One option is to donate it to a specific organization.  The other option mentioned was to raffle the quilt and donate the money to an organization.  No decision was made.  We will continue discussions next month.

The weekend of June 11-12, the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild is traveling to Nashville for a shop hop.  We are trying to organize a meet up with them at some point during their visit.  Ashley will provide more details at a later time.

Michelle Wilkie will be teaching her Modern Block Design class to us on July 23.  Please note that this is a separate time from our normal monthly meeting.  There are only 20 spots available for the class.  Ashley will send the sign up email on May 1st.  The sign up will be first come, first serve.  This is for members only.

May Meeting – Open Sew

Show and Tell

After Show and Tell, Ashely taught us how to make zipper pouches.  Thank you Ashely and thank you to the helpers who assisted us newbies.  Take a look at a few of the pouches we made today!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Meeting Recap

Last month Marcia Reel showed us how to do the quilt as you go method.  However, before that we had some show and tell!

There was a lot of catching up to do since we were in Paris in February!

Then Marcia taught us how quilt as we go, and quilt as we go, we did!