Saturday, March 5, 2016

Paris Landing Retreat Recap

This month our guild went on our first sewing retreat!  I'd be lying if I didn't say that we were all very excited for a weekend away to just sew to our heart's delight!

We all took different travels from around Middle Tennessee and ended up in Paris, TN on Friday afternoon, and a lot of us just dove right in and started setting up and getting out sew on!  A lot of us stayed up and sewed well into the night!  I was personally tickled that everyone made my birthday special for me, thanks ladies! <3

Saturday everyone was back at it!  There were tons of projects going on, from binding quilts, to a LOT of Elizabeth Hartman patterns, to quilting and piecing, every step of a project was in full swing!  We all had a great time listening to some sew jams and drinking some sew juice (aka a variety of adult beverages) and really took advantage of a weekend with no pending errands, no family interruptions and all the free time you could want!  We also had really nice weather, so some of us took a little walk around the park, too.

Sunday we were all leaving, but that didn't mean there wasn't any sewing.  We all wrapped up a variety of sewing projects, winded down the weekend and all headed back to our homes.  Everyone was so wrapped up in our projects we didn't get a group picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, but I think we all had a great time anyway!  Hopefully we can make this an annual event!
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