Tuesday, March 8, 2016

March 19 Meeting Reminder

This month we're having a Quilt as You Go tutorial being lead by member Marcia Reel. Here's what Marcia has explained thus far:

 Preparation for March: pictured below is an example of a pillow panel we will be doing utilizing a very simple "quilt as you go" method. Choose the size pillow you want to make, and bring a piece of batting (cotton works great) cut about an inch or two bigger on each side. I will be doing a 16" square, so my batting will be 18". I will bring lots of colorful scraps you can utilize for your pillow or you can bring your own. If you would like to completely finish your pillow at the meeting, bring a piece of fabric cut the size of your pillow and an invisible zipper at least the width of your pillow. I can show you how to insert. Make sure you throw in your zipper foot! Can't wait to see what all you creative people make!

You'll need your sewing machine, scrap fabric, batting about 2 inches bigger than you want your pillow to finish, if you're going to finish your pillow off also bring a zipper (as noted, the width of your pillow) and your zipper foot, as well as a piece of fabric cut to the size of your pillow.

 I know I'm excited to learn this method! Thank you Marcia for volunteering to teach all of us! Look forward to seeing everyone this month!

ALSO!  Don't forget to bring some show and tell if you've got it! :)
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