Monday, November 30, 2015

November Meeting Recap

Our November meeting this month was HUGE!  So huge, we overflowed our normal meeting space!

We got together this month and sewed NICU Smocks for Vanderbilt, and we actually had so many come in through Lindsay Conner's Craftsy Blog drive that we had over 1,000 come in, and we over flowed into Centennial and St Thomas Midtown's facilities.  Our group finished a total of 96 smocks on Saturday.  The guild was also mentioned in the Tennessean over the holiday!

96 sweet smocks sewn! (Picture courtesy of Jayne Willis)

We also had some drawings to keep us on our toes!  

Elizabeth won a gift card to Craft South!

Marcia won a fun Fall fabric bundle and some matching Fall floss donated by Jayne Willis

Ann won a sweet holiday jellyroll donated by Stitcher's Playhouse

Christine won a Mixology Linens bundle donated by Cotton Bliss
We have these sews each year, and  often more than once a year.  If you'd like to help us with this great cause please send us an email, find us on Facebook or reach out to us somehow!  Even if you aren't a sewer, there's plenty to do to help out with these events.  Big thanks to everyone who came out to help us sew this month!
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