Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 21 2014 Meeting

General Discussion:

New member: Kate Dornan
9 Members were present at the June Meeting. Hand Quilting was taught by Linda Cunningham.

Discussion of the May meeting (Nicu Smocks): The smocks were in various stages of completion and 44 smocks were given to the hospital. Callie was presented with a certificate for the guilds efforts.
Prorating member dues- Jenny to get Stephanie’s thoughts. Part of the discussion will be to find out if the MQG’s dues are part of the prorating.

Cumberland Valley Quilt Association – (CVQA), meets on 2nd Tuesday of the month during the day would like to know if our members would be interested in an exchange program. Do you have any ideas, and/or interests.
Members to verify getting emails from Jenny.

Show and Tell:
Christine Copenhaver showed her talents, she made several headbands for the Tomato Festival. Her book “Necktie Quilts” is on Amazon for pre-order. She showed the members the mockup of the cover. Very Nice.

Lindsey Conner, and Ashley Gomez are also talented members of the guild. Lindsey is a freelancer and Ashley has a shop on Etsy.
Upcoming Events:

July – will be an “Open Sew” this would be a good opportunity to finish up the “Challenge” for the MQG that is to be presented to MQG on the 25th.
August – Jayne Willis, to demonstrate “Hand Dying” materials required and directions house to follow.

September – “Open Sew”
October – “Planning for the upcoming year 2015” Jenny would like the members to present at least 3 ideas to choose from.

November – “Charity Sew” (Nicu Smocks)
December – “Holiday Party” will be a Pot Luck the 2nd Saturday of the month. Dirty/Secret Santa, it’s so much more fun when everyone participates. We have so many talented members. Chelley will you coordinate the event? 
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