Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 2014 Meeting

Our April Meeting was brought to order by President Jenny Parker.
- Linda Cunningham is compiling a current membership spreadsheet to post.  She confirmed our meeting room rent is paid through June.

- Checking to see if we may use the Barr Conference Room for our May meeting.

- Jenny Parker received our Modern Quilt Guild Pins and Membership Cards and distributed during meeting.

- Our Facebook Members Only group has 15 current members.

- With utilizing the Facebook site, Stefanie Williams will remove the Guild website.  Our Music City Modern Quilters Guild Blog will remain with some tabs hidden.

- Jenny Parker handed out fat eights packages for the Michael Miller challenge.  She has enough for a couple more if there is anyone interested. 
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting
1. Item can be any style, design, size
2. Item must be quilted
3. May use Michael Miller complimentary fabrics (cotton couture solids, prints, etc.)
4. Photo of project uploaded to Modern Quilters Guild site.

- Callie Tinney discussed next month's Charity Sew - NICU smocks for the Vanderbilt Childern's Hospital.  Motion was made by Trudy Jackson to purchase an Accu-Quilt custom template for easier cutting. Sharon Hels second and Stefanie Williams third. Motion carried. Linda and Stefanie to work out the ordering and shipping details.  Stefanie plans to pre-cut several smocks prior to May's meeting.  Jenny has several door prizes for our meeting.  Watch for updates on Facebook supply needs and pack a lunch!

- Jenny was able to participate in the Sew Down Friday close and pack up day.  She met with marketing and publicity personnel and gained a bit more knowledge with our national group.  They donated a large cutting mat for the guild.

- Linda Cunningham will go over guidelines at our next meeting for our June Handquilting Class she is teaching.

NEXT MEETING - May 17 - Charity Sew


Royce Vaughan brought in several books and a paper piecing template for anyone that wanted.  Jenny will start building a library with some of these.  Royce also shared a children's book that she illustrated.  Such a talent!

Royce shared a lap quilt in gray, black, yellow and cream.  She declared the quilt did not have a front or back.  She quilted it with feathers of all sizes.  Great first attempt!
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting

Sharon Hels brought in a photo of a hexi machine piecing project.  Very interesting!
Goodies from our April 2014 Meeting

PAPERPIECING - taught by Kathy Lasko
Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.Kathy's sample of our project.
Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.    Kathy Gwin Lasko's photo.   A couple of Kathy's paper piecing work.

You missed out on the fun by creating a lady bug paper piecing.  This was a quick project that you could complete the block at our meeting.  We made all sizes from 2" to 8" and we even had a Yoda project in the mix. So many different versions and all looked great!  Thanks Kathy for the expert instruction and patience!